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Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News
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Nimish C. Gosrani M.D.

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Nimish C. Gosrani M.D.


My Gosrani Optimal Health program is a preventive, scientific approach to maximizing quality of life and mitigating or reversing the degenerative effects of aging. The program is based on comprehensive evaluation, solid science and well-established therapeutic methods.




Gosrani Optimal Health PLLC


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Board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Hospice & Palliative Medicine

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    What is Optimal Health? by Nimish C. Gosrani M.D.   4 years ago View Thumbnail  by Nimish Gosrani MD Optimal Health means being as healthy as you can be My mission is helping you achieve your¬†optimal health. The Gosrani Optimal Health program improves your health, strengthens your immune response and significantly enhances your quality of life¬† today, thereby helping you to avoid the effects of premature aging tomorrow. Optimal Health is a preventive, scientific approach [...]

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