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Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News
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Michele Kadison


I currently live in Argentina where I have been based for nearly 8 years. Originally from New York, I am a professional dance teacher, fitness instructor, and nutritional advisor. I have over 30 years of dedicated study and hands-on experience in the performing and healing arts, and hold a B.A. from Hamilton College, with additional studies of anatomy and kinesiology from Connecticut College and intense personal investigation into holistic health practices. While not degreed specifically in the nutritional sciences and holistic arts, I have significant related expertise. Through good fortune, my personal and professional life experience has molded me into an integrative health professional on many levels. Living in South America has been a treasure chest of discovery regarding healing and nutritious foods indigenous to this area.

Through teaching and traveling throughout the world I am fortunate to know many true healers and wellness experts. From my work conducting seminars and workshops throughout the United States, Europe, South America, and Japan I have years of hands-on experience coaching and inspiring people from all cultures and walks of life.

Having written many articles on health and fitness for numerous leading on-line sites, my research into nutrition has lead to an integrative practice that focuses on physical and mental health through awakening and balancing the body. It is with great joy that I am participating with Online Wellness Community as a contributing researcher and writer while introducing others to this important natural health and wellness venture.


Dance Teacher: created technique to prevent injury, build strength, and enhance body dynamics. Fitness councelor. Published writer with focus on health, fitness, and lifestyle.


Master Classes and Workshops in Dance, freelance consultant and coach for body and health awareness.


Publications plus numerous articles online as guest writer.

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Researcher, choreographer, director, producer, entrepreneur.

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    Diabetes, Diet, and Determination by Michele Kadison   9 years, 5 months ago View More of us than we realize are victims of hypoglycemia, or pre-diabetic symptoms, with  a great portion of the population suffering unnecessarily from diabetes itself.  Allopathic doctors will proscribe a prohibitive regimen that often includes a necessary dose of insulin on a daily basis.  But my research along with that of many others shows that diabetes can be controlled [...]

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    Anti-Stress Herbs: Staying Calm and in Natural Balance by Michele Kadison   9 years, 5 months ago View ThumbnailStress has become one of the main common denominators we humans share. Work-related, ego-related, relationship-related… however stress serves itself up, it affects our mental and physical states, depriving us of our ability to be clear, healthy, optimistic individuals. On a physical level, one of the most debilitating effects of stress is how it depletes the immune [...]

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