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Sorrel Weiss


Sorrel is a strong warrior woman and a gentle nurturer. She is lover of life and nature. She has lived most of this life on an organic farm, while also having the great fortune to travel the world exploring it’s endless wonders. She has always felt it her purpose to help align people with Nature by showing them the way. Sorrel applies a practical hands-on approach to healing and nurturing with her clients, helping them identify available resources and offering guidance in the right direction. She helps people understand their true Nature and their imbalances, to better see who they are and how they naturally relate to the world around them. She feels it is her job to be a loving, caring and confident guide on this life journey, to encourage others and hold space for them to grow and evolve. Her confidence helps others develop faith in themselves and her unconditional love supports them on their journey, whether it be in the kitchen, garden, through childbirth, major life transition, or just in every day living.

Sorrel believes health is wealth.

Sorrel is a certified Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle Consultant through Mount Madonna Institute. Ayurveda is the Science of Life, sister science to Yoga. It is a complete natural healing system providing you with the wisdom to help you create and maintain healthy daily and seasonal routines, eating and behavior choices, and the proper use of your senses to support you living more vibrantly while on your journey. Helping you find a healthy balance and integration between your environment, body, mind and spirit.

Yoga and Movement
Yoga is union and is an amazing system of physical, mental and spiritual practices and disciplines that focuses on finding balance and attaining peace within and without. A system that supports self-discovery and pratical approaches to living a healthier, happier life. Sorrel received her 200 hr Yoga Instructor Certification through Sivananda Yoga Vedanta and continues her studies on a daily basis. Sorrel also explores and has trained in a wide variety of movement forms, from intuitive dance to hula hooping. All with the intention to support continual health and healing.

Conscious Cooking
Born and raised on an organic farm in San Diego with farm-to-table as a way of life for more than 30 years, while also having the great fortune to travel extensively throughout the world exploring other cultures’ culinary techniques allows Sorrel to create truly unique food experiences. Sorrel believes food is medicine. Sorrel supports the local community and economy wherever she is by sourcing local ingredients and shopping close to home first. Always using the freshest, highest quality organic ingredients available. She is inspired by the seasons and believes in keeping it simple and only gently and artfully enhancing nature’s gifts…creating food full of love and life.

Her specialities include:
Ayurvedic Cooking
Ethnic Cuisines
Gluten-free & Dairy-free
Humanely Raised Animal Protein
Local ~ Seasonal
Wild Foraged

“Sorrel, Thank you. Your chef service was the best birthday present I could have given myself. By consensus of host and guests, you and your delightful assistant made my birthday celebration a revelation for the senses and the soul. We sang your praises repeatedly between bites.

The European Gastronomy menu inspired by my favorite travels proved to be a grand adventure. Like all good travel, I have relived the event in my mind many times since. The presentation, aromas and flavors still linger with the sense that something fantastic has occurred.

As you very likely know, Rumex acetosa is an herbaceous, garden growing leafy green which bears your name. Sorrel, indigenous to Europe, bears beauty in crimson blooms, bright crisp flavor and perennial roots which run deeply into the earth. I shall be sure to share to friends and family that Sorrel of San Diego is so very aptly named. Bearing baskets of flowers and fruit and cooking a 5 star menu executed to perfection you most certainly brightened the kitchen as chef and hostess. You bring the flavor and brightness of your namesake and honor local farm raised ingredients so deeply rooted to season and seasoned to perfection.

A consummate thank you.”
~Heather Greenwald

Organic Gardening
Sorrel believes Organic is a way of life. It is living in support and promotion of Natural Laws. It is living mindfully and making careful, loving choices that support growth and development of our Earth and all her inhabitants. It is about taking it slow and keeping it simple. Listening and Loving. Giving back to the Earth, as opposed to stripping her of nutrients and using harmful chemicals. As an organic gardener with over 30 years of hands-on experience, Sorrel encourages and empowers you to grow your own food. Supporting you to deepen your relationship your food and inspiring you to learn and gain appreciation for plants and animals, and for our beautiful and abundant Earth. Sorrel believes gardening is one of the best and most cost-effective therapies available.

Born and raised on an organic farm, Sorrel knows the wealth of health our food provides us on all levels. Sorrel believes food is medicine. She earned a BS in Nutrition and Food Science through Cal Poly over 10 years ago furthering her understanding of how food is identified and utilized by the body and it’s vaste nutritive value.

Conscious Business Creation
A compassionate, visionary with proven prosperity in the process of developing and implementing growth opportunities for herself and others. Sorrel has been successfully self-employed and living comfortable for 15 years, and supports others to do the same. She encourages being creative and innovative and supports slow and sustainable business practices. She also focuses on the ability to be adaptable and to effectively identify and procure available resources to create and implement healthy business solutions. Sorrel believes in leading your business from your heart, while also being smart.

Healing Touch
Sorrel is a heart-to-heart hugger and believes in the healing power of touch. She is certified in Reflexology and Chi Nei Tsang, and has studied a wide range of healing touch arts through her worldly travels.

Doula – Mothering the Mama

Sorrel loves supporting women and their partners through this most beautiful time in their lives; the birthing process and awakening to motherhood and parenthood. She is available for tender-loving care and to offer education and resources in support of the labor and delivery process.

Please connect with Sorrel to see how she can be of support to you on your journey.

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