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Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News
Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News

Publish – Featured Member Qualifications and FAQs

Frequently Answered Questions – Featured Member Expert Program

  1. What qualifications are required to be a featured member expert on OWC? Besides reviewing article submissions, we consider 3 primary areas evidenced by your bio/CV and publicly available information to assess relevant expertise – (1) health and wellness industry education; (2) health and wellness industry professional licenses and/or practice experience; and (3) prior published work.
  2. May I publish my work elsewhere? Yes you may. We request but not require that items published on Online Wellness Community be exclusive for 30 days with the exceptions of your own websites and blogs, or websites of your professional associations or health related charitable organizations you are involved with.
  3. May I publish a previously published piece? Yes, but we request that it be modified and updated in a meaningful manner as our content is syndicated as original content to other sites. This helps distinguish OWC from most wellness industry news sites that primarily aggregate and re-syndicate old content.
  4. May I change a piece once published? Yes of course. You may also delete it. You retain full ownership and control of pieces you create.
  5. Does OWC’s editorial and research team help? Yes our internal staff can help you get started in any manner needed as we are committed to helping qualified experts share and benefit from our advanced technology and syndication platform. We also on a very selective basis can offer premium services to experts who need a professional digital media and marketing team focused 100% on the wellness industry. We have internal creative teams that can provide any level of service featured member experts need including website development, audio-video production and editing, SEO, social media marketing services and more.
  6. May I copy work of another? You must respect copyrights of others and the rules of professional journalism. Proper reference must be given to work of others. For a detailed white paper on ethical writing click here. Also visit our general publishing and code of conduct rules for more related information. Our editorial team has access to online tools, such as copysafe, that help assure authenticity of submitted work.
  7. What size of article must I write? We have no size requirement. Quality is our objective. We suggest writing between 300 to 2000 words. Larger works referencing nutrient and food types are most often selected to be featured and highlighted in an OWC eNewsletter. Click here for an excellent example of a longer article with research reference sources and back link keywords to tie into OWC’s extensive research librabry - this is the quality, style and scope desired for most featured articles. Click here for a good example of a shorter article without references by a practicing natural health expert – this is the most common type of article anticipated from featured member experts that can be written quickly and be both very satisfying for the expert member author and informative and enjoyable for OWC visitors to read.
  1. What topic areas do you suggest or require? We encourage experts to be creative and write about topics they feel passionately about. Personalizing pieces is encouraged as well. If possible, reference healthy foods and nutrients in your article (for easy cross linking to and from the Research library by our staff – this greatly increases your exposure).
  2. How often must I find the time to write and publish something? There are no minimum requirements at this time. We request you contribute one article or video every 3 months while featured.
  3. May I promote products or companies in my pieces? We request you remain conflict of interest free and write factually based as much as possible. Product and book reviews are welcome.  You may reference your previously published work (such as books or videos).
  4. Does participation cost anything? No. Except some of your valuable time to join and periodically publish.


Our staff is ready to help you keep this process super simple and fast if you do not have the time to join and upload information yourself. Simply send us an email” Include as many of the following items as are conveniently available to you right now: (1) your bio and/or CV (or website link to it), (2) a profile picture in jpeg format if available, (3) an article to share if already done or a short “post” to start your publishing history inside your profile, (4) who referred you, and (5) your website if you want it added to your profile.

Getting started is really fast, easy and rewarding. Featured member expert program terms are subject to change from time to time.

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